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A bit about my past

I've been drawing since I was a child, it's my passion. I was born in Valencia (Spain) but I've lived at many cities. Upon finishing high school in 2005, I studied fine Arts in Valencia for a five year where I have displayed in several exhibition halls (Painting and drawing). After this time, I was Post Graduate in a Master about graphic design.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Jorge Andujar

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.

Born: 04 MAY 1987
Location: Valencia (Spain)
E-mail: j.andujarguerrero@gmail.com


Know more about my work


  • 2015-future

    Develapps UI/UX designer and digital artist

    I was working on many apps as UI/UX designer, illustrator and art director. Projects: Patbook (medical app), Aquaservice (e-commerce app), Cricket genie (cricket game app and rrss) MYPA (e-commerce app) Disqovr (social app)...

  • 2014-2015

    From the Bench Games Concept and 3d artist

    I was working on many games as concept artist and 3d artist:. Projects: Fantasy Manager 2015, NBA Manager 2015, Be a Legend 2, Football Franchise 2015... I was in charge of 2D animation, 3d modelling, concept art in general, design.

  • 2012-2014

    Gopango Networks Graphic designer and illustrator

    I was working on many games, apps , webs...as a graphic designer. Projects: Cerebrados-Brainsquiz (game/web) Stelapps (app/web)


  • 2015

    Master in Graphic Design UPV

    I finish my studies at the same university. I studied a Master about graphic design where I began to feel an interest in digital art (design and illustration) where I finally ended up majoring

  • 2013-2014

    Graduated in Fine Arts UPV

    I continue my studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I studied fine arts, specializing my skills in numerous skills such as painting, drawing, traditional animation, illustration, video, sculpture, digital art ...

  • 2009-2013

    Art studies @ IES

    I started my formal art studies at the high school of Sagunto (Valencia), where I became interested in traditional and modern art techniques

Skills & Things about me

html & css
Web Developer


My latest projects

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Icon design. Christmas Tournament.

Diseño de iconos para "Torneos Navideños" especiales del juego "NBA Manager 15".

Christmas icon design for "NBA Manager 15" special ltournament.

Icono principal/Main icon


Valentine's Day promotion. Fantasy Manager 15.

Se trata de un diseño de icono para el juego Fantasy Manager 2015. El icono se creó para ilustrar una promoción especial por el día de San Valentin.

It's a design icon for the game "Fantasy Manager 15". This icon was created for a special promotion on Valentine's Day.

Icono/Icon and sketch

Diseño alternativo/Alternative design

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Young Spartan warrior

Female action pose

Lazy John

Client: Personal Work
Product: Character Design

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Head. Process

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Zbrush Test. Head.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Character design

Client: Personal Work
Product: Character Design

Stelapps. App/web/character design

Client: Stelapps
Product: App design, web design, logo and character design

Stelapps is an app that gives you a free app every day. Stela is a character, and the app is Stelapps. This is Stelapps:

Stelapps es una app que te proporciona una app gratis cada día. Stela es un personaje, y Stelapps es la app. Esta es Stelapps:

And Stela:

Y Stela:


Stela is a vector character, this is done by parts for future animation and interaction in games and videos.

Stela es un personaje vectorial, ello esta hecho por piezas para su posterior animación e interacción en juegos y vídeos.

Stela gets humanize the user experience around the app. She has a digital life and interacts with the user.

Stela consigue humanizar la experiencia del usuario en torno a la app. Tiene una vida digital e interactúa con el usuario.

Stella is an expert in mobile application and her task is to teach the users the latest news and curiosities in apps and games. She carefully analyzes each app and selects one of them to their users.

Stella es una experta en aplicaciones móviles y su tarea es enseñar al usuarios las ultimas novedades y curiosidades en apps y juegos. Analiza cuidadosamente cada app y ella selecciona una de ellas para sus usuarios.


More information: stelapps.com

Brainsquiz. Cerebrados

Client: Gopango Netwoks S.L.
Product: Cerebrados

Cerebrados is a game for iOS and Android devices. It's a words & numbers game where you can test your knowledge by challenging other players or friends. 

Cerebrados es un juegos para dispositivos iOS y Android. Se trata de un juego de cifras y letras donde puedes poner a prueba tus conocimientos retando a otros jugadores o a tus amigos.


You can choose from many avatars and customize your user. At the time you win games, you earn items that will make your profile unique.

Puedes elegir entre muchos avatares y personalizar tu usuario. A la vez que ganes partidas, ganarás objetos que harán tu perfil único.

Three tests await you in Cerebrates: Numbers, Letters and the most difficult, Conundrum.

Tres pruebas te esperan en Cerebrados: Cifras, Letras y la más difícil, Conúndrum.

More information:  cerebrados.com


Client: Personal work
Product: Character design

Ninja Dragon. ICON DESIGN

Client: Ninja Dragon
Product: App icon design

Beirut King. Character

Client: Beirut King
Product: Character Design. Advergaming


Client: Personal work
Product: Character design

Character design for game. McMahon is a corrupt U.S. Army Sergeant. He's one of the main enemies. Decorated in several wars, his desire for money made ​​him betray his country.

Diseño de personaje para videojuego. McMahon es un sargento corrupto de la armada estadounidense. Es uno de los enemigos principales. Condecorado en varias guerras, su afán por el dinero le hizo traicionar a su país.


Client: Personal work
Product: Environment design

Anything can happen in the blue house. A quiet and modest suburban neighborhood. Manicured gardens. Freshly cut grass. Wooden houses. Lovely neighbors. But nobody knows who lives in the blue house and nobody knows what happens inside.

Todo puede ocurrir en la casa azul. Un barrio tranquilo de las afueras. Jardines bien cuidados. Césped recién cortado. Casas de madera. Vecinos encantadores. Pero nadie sabe quien vive en la casa azul ni lo que ocurre dentro.

InvertureCloud. Stroke

Client: InventureCloud
Product: Character Design


Viking. Personal work

Client: Personal work
Product: Viking Concept Art


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12 Street West Victoria 1234 Australia

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+(12) 3456 789